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Owing to the Women's day strike announced for Monday 8 March, the Montjuïc Cable Car will not be in service.

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Mirador de l'Alcalde

A site on Montjuïc with privileged views

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The lookout point in this park offers one of the best views of the city of Barcelona and of the Mediterranean coast. This space, which means the Mayor’s Lookout Point, was opened in 1969 by Josep Maria Porcioles, who was at that time the city’s mayor.

Why visit the Mirador de l’Alcalde?

Taking advantage of the mountain’s steep incline, the park consists of a series of terraces distributed into various levels connected to each other by stairways. In the centre there is a pond with an ornamental fountain designed by Carles Buïgas, the same architect responsible for the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. Various elements, such as paths, flower beds and rest areas, are distributed around it.

The 420 m² mosaic, designed by Joan Josep Tharrats, adorning the ground is also a sight worth seeing. The artist used original materials in its design, such as pebbles, cobblestones, bricks, the glass bottoms of bottles, pieces of iron and pieces of manhole covers. Currently, due to its artistic value, it forms part of the city’s Municipal Catalogue of Artistic Heritage.

A stroll through Mirador de l’Alcalde park reveals two sculptures: "Homage to Barcelona" by the sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs, and the popular "Sardana", by Josep Cañas, which is at the entrance, welcoming visitors to the park.


How do you get to the Mirador de l’Alcalde?

The Mirador de l’Alcalde is at the last stop of the Montjuïc cable car, which you can get at the Telefèric de Montjuïc stop on the Red Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic.

If you want to take a stroll through the green areas of Montjuïc, you can hop off at the Miramar – Jardins Costa i Llobera stop on the Red Route of Barcelona Bus Turístic and follow the Carretera de Montjuïc to Plaça de la Sardana, from where you can access the lookout point.


For the most curious of you

  • Did you know? Although the various levels of the park are connected with stairways, some of the lawned areas contain small paths that make this a fully accessible space without having to climb any steps.
  • Local’s tip: If you want the absolute best views of Barcelona, go in summer at dawn, when the sky is clearest.
  • A must: To say you have enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the city of Barcelona.